Interactive Presentation and Speaking Skills…

How you can magnetize your presentation, improve your Public Speaking Confidence and become a Skilled Presenter!

Are you ready to accelerate your presentation and speaking skills to new heights?

A Fabulous 2-day Interactive Presentation and Speaking Skills program for Professionals, Sales People, Team Builders, Business Owners and Managers who are keen to:

  • Be more persuasive getting customers to act sooner and more often.
  • Write/Develop/Construct a Presentation that people want to listen to
  • Deliver a compelling message that is interesting and informative
  • Know what gestures and words are used to attract customers to you
  • Identify what extras to include to truly engage your audience and have them coming back for more
  • Bridge the communication gap between your audience and your message
  • Use a proven structure that works, to develop your presentation and gives you flexibility to individualise your content, reflecting your personality and business message.

And that gets you on your feet and gives you the confidence to embrace your own unique speaking and presentation style.

Get excited about presenting and speaking!

Learn the secrets used by masters of communication and the skills used by professionals who earn their living selling from stage. Use proven techniques to sell yourself, your product/service and to look, sound and have your audiences feeling great!


“The benefit and skills you receive as a result are well worth your investment of time and money.”

Darren M. Giles, Real Estate Coaching Hub

“The course is quite confronting and brings you out of your comfort zone. I do believe that this is beneficial and I wouldn’t change a thing. I highly recommend Debra’s course to everyone who has even a remote involvement in public address/speaking as the techniques improve results. I have never been subjected to the techniques taught previously and I believe all of them will be massively beneficial.”

Shae Davies, Shae Davies Racing

“I enjoyed practicing and focusing on the elements of my presentation. The program will motivate you to be better than you thought possible when speaking to others.”

Kathleen Aisthorpe, Colour Sense, Clifton

You will gain a really simple way of actually making money through speaking and getting the audience to take action.”

Susan Living, Susan’s Food for Thought

You can discover more about tailoring our program to your organisation or business by contacting us today. Phone Debra on 0423 630 928 0r click this link.

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