How to go from Good to Great – 30 Tips for Speaking In Public

If you are looking to improve your skills as a public speaker these are some tips you can use to improve your skills and get more ‘buy in’ from your audience…

  1. Smile
  2. Pause
  3. Use your eyes to connect with everyone in your audience
  4. Dress appropriately to your audience.Remember if you are at the front of the room you are an authority. Make sure your appearance supports this. 55% of communication is visual! Give yourself the edge, tailor your appearance to your message and the audience you are presenting too. Girls, audiences look first and then listen, it’s just how it is! Guys your audiences aren’t quite so critical. If you look awful they will draw conclusions they may not be the ones you want.
  5. Remember to Never Ever miss an opportunity to speak!I received this piece of advise very early in my speaking career (young teen) and it has served me well, you never know where the next opportunity will come from!
  6. Avoid fidgeting – that includes nervous hand movements and pacing(I recently watched a speaker who took 3 steps back after every new point introduced, was he backing away from his message?)

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