Step up – Speak out with Debra Jarvis

Debra Jarvis, Confident Speaking and Presentation Skills Trainer

when you are ready to shine…

Every session is designed to align with the philosophy of  ‘live – speak – grow’ and everyone who attends is able to learn and practices speaking professionally in a supportive environment, thereby building confidence and a body of speaking notes and material they can put to use in their business or career.

If people warm to you they will warm to your message so you need to confidently step up, step out and speak at every opportunity coming your way. (The personal growth and thrill of accomplishment when you do may even be worth more than the value of your promotion of your work.)

This training provides the foundation skills required today to be successful when you need to stand and speak confidently, to educate, entertain, inform and to sell from the front of the room.

It’s also suitable for those people who have communication issues within the workplace, who are required to be in front of the media and for whom socializing and networking are a vital part of growing their businesses.

Compelling reasons why you, a proactive professional, really must attend:
you will confidently

  • step up and claim speaking opportunities when they appear
  • plan your presentations with your purpose in mind
  • adjust your vocal quality to suit the occasion
  • relax into your speaking roles instead of fighting them
  • evoke an air of calm, confident authority.

and your increased professionalism will attract further opportunities to you.


Debra Jarvis, the living embodiment of this old adage: “You, your thoughts and your language determine your future and your business success.” Accomplished author and an internationally experienced public speaker, MC,  business consultant and Interactive Public Speaking and Presentation Skills trainer, Debra is adept at passing on her knowledge to help you sell more from the front of the room and this Master-class is tailored to business owners and professionals like you.

“Who you are and what you do speak so loud I can’t hear what you say.”

This workshop series will empower you to be more confident and competent in any presentation situation so your audience hangs on your every word, in accordance with your purpose. Some of the topics to be covered:

  • Connecting with your audience
  • Your speaking voice
  • Sequence to a good presentation
  • Breathing and body language
  • Pulling it all together

The program offers instruction, interaction, group sessions, suggested speaking formats, hints, tips and more. Come along prepared to step up, speak out and have fun!

Testimonial’s to Debra’s training:

“Great opportunity to grow personally – whether you wish to be a public speaker or not.

Excellent take-home value” Paula Shearer, Womens Real Estate Network

“Really useful content filled with on-your-feet experience.” Bev Ryan, Womens Publishing Network

“Great hands on experience and confidence builder.” Jean McDonald Smith, Eco-Homes

“Very useful: small and intimate” Pam Stellema, Salon Savy

”Just do it.” Debra Spence. ManZone

“Positive, supportive, friendly environment, stimulating interaction with other business owners. Terrific. Highly recommended.” Meghan Yao, Ethnic Reach Pty Ltd

“If you want to get your message out, do this workshop. Debra’s teaching is fantastic!” Alie Kiewiet, Choice in Life

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