About Debra Jarvis, Interactive Presentation Skills Trainer

“Debra truly is dynamic and energetic in everything she does. What we might term, a “go-getter”. She is a confident and enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of knowledge in her fields of expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.” ~Gary Haseldine

“Debra provided DenSys with practical advice in the ares of sales and business development. Her insight helped us to overcome issues with our current succession strategy, and clarify our future goals.” ~Helen Doyle

“I have come to know Debra through her involvement with Ideas into Business. She is an exceptional facilitator who exudes a genuine passion for assisting business owners and managers to succeed in their businesses. Debra also provided one on one sales training with me and again I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to tailor the session to my needs. Keep up the good work Debra” ~Jeannette Cuthbert

“I have been public speaking for several years now to potential clients, but was always anxious about delivering enough quality material to make my presentations worthwhile to my audience.

After just one session at the speakers group with Debra, I have learned that I do not have to deliver a word perfect speech to provide a quality experience but rather I can deliver my message in a more personal way and get through to the people who have come to hear me speak in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

I know that this will help me enormously in my future presentations and I am looking forward to coming along to many future speaker group meetings.” – Pam Stellema, Principal Coach, SalonSavy Specialist Coaching

“After attending Debra’s workshop, I walked out feeling more confident then ever. It’s the little things she taught us, that will stick with me forever and was able to work on tips when I got home and I am still conscious about certain things when I’m out in the field. Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge about public speaking, it was great! I will defiantly recommend you to all.” ~Yolande Pritchard

“I have hired Debra both for a personal Feng Shui consultation for my property as well as as a speaker for a session to help motivate my employees. Her Feng Shui consultation was superb – detailed, thorough, exceptional knowledge and understanding of Australian needs and conditions (not a Gold toad in sight). The results from the changes recommended were outstanding. Debra is also a highly engaging and interesting speaker. Her Office Feng Shui session was one of the best attended sessions by my employees and had extremely high satisfaction ratings from the post session assessments. I happily recommend Debra either as a Feng Shui consultant for a one on one session as well as a keynote speaker for large groups.” ~Ingrid Cliff

Current activities include – Facilitator of Professional Development programs in Speaking and Presentation Skills, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Self-Leadership and the Science of Place and Space.

Her ambition since childhood is to travel the world speaking, participating and hosting shows that improve lives. She recently returned from Europe where she facilitated training in her real world practical style with individuals and families focused on developing their life skills, to better understand themselves and others, to live increasingly effective and impactful lives.

Debra has appeared on Radio (ABC, 4KQ, AAA) and currently is a regular Tuesday Mornings with Rebecca Carpenter on  Ten FM. She has also featured on TV (Channel 9, Bris31 and in Western Australia) and has many published articles in Newspapers and Magazines. Debra is best known for her skill at distilling complex concepts into plain English that is simple to apply enabling Australian Businesses instant understanding and quick implementation, utilising logical plain common sense procedures.

Her approach focuses on Self~Leadership, Corporate Wellness, employee satisfaction, happiness, interpersonal relations within an organisation and the relationships those individuals (and hence) the organisation has with external clients and suppliers.

Debra has spoken to groups and businesses as diverse as Women’s Health to Queen Street Accountants and Solicitors, as well as for communities here and overseas, including Brisbane, Gladstone, Roma, Sydney, Perth, Port Hedland, Holland and the UK. Local groups she has spoken for include KBN, Cooper Consultancy (Terri Cooper), Women’s Real Estate Network, Relaxation Centre of Queensland, and several Chambers of Commerce and Lions Clubs.

When you need an experienced and engaging public speaker to really put the ‘fun’ into your next corporate event or function, Debra is available to MC or deliver one of her own inspiring and informative presentations to your delegates.

Debra’s expertise covers:

• The Science of Place and Space – a presentation on using Feng Shui principles to deliver more business into your organisation

• Personal Presentation – a presentation on using your confidence, stance, and appearance to create a favourable lasting impression

• Interactive Presentations and Speaking Skills – Debra shares her ABC method of gaining engagement and audience buy-in and  some tips  to help you deliver better public presentations.

Debra is available for:

As a speaker, Debra is unusual and entertaining. Her message is powerful and her ability to train others in Self~Leadership, the art of place and space (Feng Shui) and Interactive Presentation and Speaking Skills is extraordinary.

Her unique knowledge of the ancient science of Feng Shui and its application in the real world mean that her opinion and advice are highly sought-after. As a Feng Shui trainer, she is amongst the world’s best. If you truly believe that your life could be better, you need to meet Debra.

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