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meanwhile enjoy our latest article 30 Secrets to going from a good public speaker to a great public speaker… and scroll to the bottom and take the link if you have a question you would like answered in our newest Public Speaking book!

1. Smile

2. Pause

3. Use your eyes to connect with everyone in your audience

4. Dress appropriately to your audience.

Remember if you are at the front of the room you are an authority. Make sure your appearance supports this. 55% of communication is visual!

Give yourself the edge, tailor your appearance to your message and the audience you are presenting too.

Girls, audiences look first and then listen, it’s just how it is! Guys your audiences aren’t quite so critical. If you look awful they will draw conclusions they may not be the ones you want.

5. Remember to Never Ever miss an opportunity to speak!

I received this piece of advise very early in my speaking career (young teen) and it has served me well, you never know where the next opportunity will come from!

6. Avoid fidgeting – that includes nervous hand movements and pacing

(I recently watched a speaker who took 3 steps back after every new point introduced, was he backing away from his message?)

7. Replace ‘Um’ with ‘and’

8. Be Sincere

9. Give Value in your Content

10. Get Engagement (buy into your message from your audience)

11. Be Interactive

12. Follow a Format

13. Begin your preparation with the end in mind

(What do you want your audience to take away, what action would you like them to take?)

14. Know your opening and closing statements!

15. Ensure your message is emotionally compelling

16. Only gestulate intentionally

17. Be Charismatic (if you have to, develop a Charismatic personality just for Speaking)

18. Remember your audience wants you to do well, it’s more fun for them!

19. Be Entertaining

20. Use language patterns that speak to the processing profiles of every audience member

21. Use non-verbal communication skills in your presentation

22. Vary your tone and inflection appropriately

23. Set up the room for success

24. Use Stage Anchoring

25. Recognise buying signals

26. Know the language to get your message inside your audiences heads

27.Know the techniques to get your audience to take action on your message

28. Own the Stage! :-)

29. Enjoy Yourself!!!

30. When you have finished, accept the applause and leave the stage!!!

(This one tip would have earnt me double, treble, quadruple what I have earnt as a professional speaker in the last 10 years!)

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