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Presentation and Communication Skills

How to Present In Public…

Group and Individual training on public speaking and the science of presenting in public…

People are more scared of Public Speaking than almost anything else. That includes snakes, spiders, heights, the dark, flying, sharks, death and the boogie man.

Can you believe that?

They are even more scared of letting people know how they can buy a product or service they supply, and often listeners go elsewhere to purchase an item they would happily have purchased from the person who told them about it, had they known that the person supplied the item and the process to make the purchase!

The unfortunate truth for those who dread public speaking (and especially those who struggle to verbalise their offering) is that it is now an essential part of business. Just about every Sales Proposal, every Phone Call, every Meeting and every Network Appearance involves public speaking to some extent.

Fortunately, if you are one of the many who is terrified of public speaking, there is some good news.

Public Speaking is a craft. It is a science that you can learn and master – and with the help of Debra Jarvis, an internationally experienced public speaker and author, it is a lot easier than you might think. Debra’s consultancy and training courses teach you fundamental elements of public speaking that are relevant to a large number of professions and roles:

  • Health
  • Investment
  • Real Estate
  • Sales
  • Customer Relations
  • Business Development
  • Coaching
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Media

All of these professions, and many more require the ability to present information to strangers, who just so happen to be your customers. Debra can train you in the science of Public Speaking in an individual or group format. Throughout the training you will learn valuable information such as:

  • Using your surroundings to place you in a position of power and esteem
  • Using your personal appearance to instantly build rapport with your audience
  • Developing your language to your audience and market
  • Methods to overcome nervousness and deliver a stellar presentation every time.

To book group and individual training sessions and courses with Debra Jarvis Click Here

Learn entrepreneurial public speaking skills relevant to your own business/career needs and if you are the intensive type then get faster results with intensive  one-on-one coaching for Professionals, Sales People, Team Builders, Business Owners and Managers!

For your specialist question or additional information about available services contact us by phoning 0423 630 928 0r  emailing Debra directly.

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Step up – Speak out with Debra Jarvis

Debra Jarvis, Confident Speaking and Presentation Skills Trainer

when you are ready to shine…

Every session is designed to align with the philosophy of  ‘live – speak – grow’ and everyone who attends is able to learn and practices speaking professionally in a supportive environment, thereby building confidence and a body of speaking notes and material they can put to use in their business or career.

If people warm to you they will warm to your message so you need to confidently step up, step out and speak at every opportunity coming your way. (The personal growth and thrill of accomplishment when you do may even be worth more than the value of your promotion of your work.)

This training provides the foundation skills required today to be successful when you need to stand and speak confidently, to educate, entertain, inform and to sell from the front of the room.

It’s also suitable for those people who have communication issues within the workplace, who are required to be in front of the media and for whom socializing and networking are a vital part of growing their businesses.


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