How To Be On The Front Foot And In Control Every Time You Speak In Public…

You are booked in to speak and excited about the potential sales you could make as the credible authority when, fleetingly, a though of doubt races through your mind…

‘Do I really have the skills to do this – am I good enough?’

Suddenly you become scared, or even downright terrified of letting yourself down by appearing nervous on stage, of looking like a fraud, and having the words come out all wrong…

You worry about not achieving the results demanded from your organisation or business.

And you may even experience the frustration of wondering how it is that other speakers have audiences queuing with their Credit Cards, willing to max them out to buy, the sometimes substandard, overpriced, or inferior products and services they offer.

Now take a moment to imagine that you get up to speak you look, sound and feel like the successful professional you really are, all the time, every time.

Imagine what you, look, sound and feel like when you are comfortable, competent and in control.

By now you can also start imagining that those people are queuing to buy your products, and signing up for your offering!

As professional speaker trainers, we know and understand that your most common thoughts and the questions many speakers ask include:

And in all of this the reason you’re speaking goes out the window!

Many people get so worried about speaking in public that all thoughts of generating sales and getting the result you wanted that motivated you to get up and speak in the first place get forgotten!

Often you just want to stand up, say what you can remember of what you had to say, sit down and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Our role is to help you change all that…

How would it be, every time you spoke in Public if…

No matter where your current speaking skills are, and provided you are willing, together we can achieve this. Debra will show you step by step exactly what to do and how to get your message out when you do the Art of Public Speaking training.

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